Saaats is a cloud-based security and app monitoring platform designed to help agencies manage their clients digital properties better and more safely. Our platform is engineered based on years of agency experience, incorporating elements that will drive success in managing your digital properties. 

The Problem

Clients expect fast, safe, secure and cost-effective digital properties from their agencies. And the more the production volume increases, the tougher the properties are to secure and manage. Also, agencies are leaving “money on the table” by not being able to monitor, manage and properly secure the web and app content they create for their clients.

Saaats Solution

The Saaats cloud-based platform provides a complete agency-focused digital content, app support and security management capability. Simple to use tools and real-time uptime/downtime alerts enable agencies to stay in front of client content problems and move quickly to alert, advise and resolve any issue.

How exactly does this help your agency?

Stay Informed

Knowing that your site is online and safe and getting alerted of problems before your clients do is a life saver.

Reduce Risk

Knowing exactly what your security profile is before releasing client projects protects you. A client will no longer be able to make an uncured breach your fault. 

Create Revenue

Scans and monitoring lead to increased maintenance revenue for your agency. Learn to use Saaats to drive regular work to keep your sites top of the line. 

Not an Agency?

Are you a website owner or manager but not with an agency? If you’re looking for help with your website, check out our solutions for Small Businesses:

Tools to Power your Agency


Client Apps Dashboard

A place where your clients can login and see all their apps at a glance.


Admin Dashboard

See all your clients, tickets, and sites at a glance.


Security Dashboard

A suite of security tools to protect your sites and apps.


Uptime Monitoring

Enable monitoring and get alerts anytime your site is offline/online.


Ticket Manager

Manage tickets with clients, enable approval flows, and never send another status email.


Users and Roles

Add and manage users with internal roles and client roles.

Learn more about our product and the Saaats technology:


FREE BETA: Right now, we’re in open free beta. Basically, there is no time limit on your trial and at some point in the future we may politely ask you to pay. Otherwise, it’s completely free as we launch and gather feedback. 

Enterprise (Agency)
  • Up to 25 Apps (Sites)
  • Free Monitoring on all sites
  • Up to 75 WP or ZAP Security Scans across sites
  • Agency Features:
    • Manage all users and tickets
    • Provide support to your Clients
    • Manage Client apps and interactions
  • $50.00/hour Service Rate
  • 24 hour Scheduled Service Response time

The App

Single annual payment for your Agency subscription to Saaats. This provides you with all the features of application plus all new features as we roll them out. We believe in a simple pricing model and giving you as much value as possible.

The Support Team

Once you become a subscriber, you get access to our On-Demand Support Team. The Saaats support team serves two roles. First, we are on call to answer any questions you have about the application or to help you resolve any issues you’re having. Secondly, our team is available at an hourly rate to help you should you have project overflow or specific contractor needs. We help you ensure your apps are fully supported.


For plans to manage more than 25 Apps, please contact [email protected] for custom plans.

Saaats Team & Saaats Projects

Saaats Team (On Demand)

A team of developers and engineers to help you with any website problem you run into. Whether you notice that you have security issues or that your site has unexpected downtime, simply file a ticket and one of our Devs will get right back to you.

Saaats Projects

Need help with an entire project? We can help you turn your vision into reality. From simple site changes to complete site design and build our team of Devs is ready to plan it out and get it done.