Small Business Solutions

Saaats will provide you with uptime, security, and optimization reports. More than that, you can get an assigned Site Manager who will do any task, at anytime. Within our agency practice, we worked with hundreds of clients. We know what tools you need to manage your website or app and we know you want to be empowered. Saaats delivers peace of mind and empowerment. 

See all the sites you manage

You can mange multiple sites (apps) and organize your alerts and tickets based on site. Easily see which sites need attention and have growth opportunities. 

Get Fast Ticket Support

Every Saaats plan comes with available on-demand site support. This means anything you need done with your website our team of contractors can help accomplish. Only pay for what you need, no long term contracts or monthly minimums.

Site Uptime Monitoring 

What’s worse than hearing a client call to tell you that your site has errors or is completely down? It happens for a wide variety of reasons but you can protect yourself. Start by monitoring uptime and getting alerts anytime your site goes down or comes back up. 

Comprehensive Security Analysis 

The Saaats security tools are unparalleled and provide you with a range of security optimization options. Our various scans and easy-to-understand results will ensure you can quickly and easily address the most critical site issues. 

Logins for everyone

Want to enable other members of your team to view Apps and get notifications about your sites? Easily add users to your account at no charge.