Proprietary technology that simplifies website management. Our platform consists of three primary components: Saaats App, Saaats Backend, and Saaats Plugins. The combination of these three elements allows us to provide historically complicated security and monitoring services in a complete and simple web app. 

Saaats App

A web app that provides simple and robust website and application management, security, monitoring, and support tasks.

Saaats Backend

The cloud-based infrastructure that powers our App and Saaats API. Interested in hooking into our API? Contact us for more information.

Saaats Plugins

Our WordPress and other platform plugins allow you to leverage Saaats integrated with your critical systems.

Saaats App

Agency/Client Architecture

Designed exclusively for digital projects delivered and managed between a provider and a client, our tools are fine tuned to improve digital asset delivery and  on-going management. 

Client App Verification

Clients can verify their web properties before you enable tools for them. This helps ensure ownership. 

Uptime Monitoring

Our simple uptime monitor makes and http ping to your site every 5 minutes. If we detect your site has been offline for 3 consecutive pings, we send you an “offline” alert. As soon as the site show active for three pings you will get an “online” alert. Always know if your client sites are facing issues and find the problem before they do. 

Security Dashboard

Saaats was originally designed to be a remote security scanning tool for our own agency. Now, you will be able to use these same tools to run a variety of scans and analysis probes for your sites and apps. This will mean you can ensure a client is aware of security issues and determine your own risk exposure. 

WordPress Plugin

We have helped build hundreds of WordPress sites and strive to be an active member of the community. We have released our own WordPress plugin that provides site verification and improve your ability to run security scans on WP sites.

Security: WP Scanner

We use our Backend to provide detailed and “outside in” scans on your WordPress sites. This means we can detect vulnerabilities that may not be seen by internal plugins and instead provide you with a comprehensive view of what the attacker could expose. 

Ticket Management

A key part of agency management is making sure your client can easily file tasks with you and you can easily manage communication around these tasks. We call that Ticketing. With Saaats, you get a comprehensive Ticket system that encourages and approval flow so that you always have a record of what your client approved and accepted.

Track Time By Task

A challenge we faced was finding a task management system that had agile development concepts built in but also allowed for more tradition elements like hours tracking and due dates. With our task system, easily export hour reports for any user by task. No more separation of hours and tasks completed.  

Agency Users and Assignments

Within your agency, you can create Agency Users that have limited permissions. This way you can build teams that work on specific clients and sites and those teams will only have access to their information. You can also manage Ticket assignments to any of the team members assigned to that App..

Client Users

An important element of every Agency/Client relationship is communication. Emails can lead to lost tasks, confusion, and missed assignments. Agency account managers can add client users so that clients can interact directly with the system. Clients can file tickets that your team manages and completes.  

Saaats Backend

Security Scan API

Do you have an existing system for project management or internal digital asset management? You can now build directly into our Backend to use the Security Scan API to run your own OWASP Zap and WP Scans. This is provided on a case by case basis.

Monitoring API

If you are using an existing system for app management you can easily hook into our Monitoring API to provide uptime alerts to your system. Available on a case by case basis.

If you have special integration requests or API requests, please contact us directly at [email protected].