Saaats was born out of a growing software and website development firm. As such, although we are focused on growing our business around the Saaats product exclusively, we still bring our team to the table to help you quickly and efficiently build and launch websites, software applications, apps, and other project based initiatives.

Our Clients

These represent clients our Project Team has worked with directly over the past 5 years in our prior agency and otherwise. As we have merged businesses into Saaats, the client list represents our Team’s history of work. 

Our Process

Project Info Form

Standard questions about your project to get us started.


Calls and emails to give us all the info we need.

Project Plan

We deliver a complete plan for you to approve.

Sign & Start

Sign the project plan and fund your project.

Development Cycle

Based on your project plan, the series of events to complete your project.


Fully assisted launch or project delivery.

Ready to start a project with us? Need more information?

Reach out to Meghan. She’s our Project Manager and your first point of contact. 

Team Capabilities

A flexible talent bench to support all of your technology needs. Our team of blended onshore/offshore resources allows us to strategically assemble project teams at highly competitive rates and on very short notice. Best of all, all work is done via the Saaats App so you can see real time task and hours updates. 

WordPress Shop

Our WordPress Shop is where our collection of tools and tricks resides all related to WordPress development. On any given site we may use all out-of-the-box components, employ third party plugins and/or themes, or develop custom plugins and themes as required for the project. Our goal is to deliver the best product, as efficiently as possible.

Strategy & Design

Strategy and design is a crucial part of every project. If you don’t to strategy and design well, then you’ll end up spending a lot more time and energy during your build phase reworking components and finding conflicts within the code. A good strategy and design session will work through a series of meetings with the client team to outline wireframes, workflows, and architecture documents that clearly spell out exactly what needs to be built. This will also help you fine tune the project plan and better set milestones and timelines. Furthermore, experts at strategy and design can help you identify existing technological components, like plug-ins, modules and extensions, that will drive better functionality and provide lower overall costs and quicker development turnaround times.

.NET Development

.NET is a Microsoft-based programming language widely used by enterprise organizations today. Our team of highly trained .net developers can help you with any web or other application built using .net technology. We’ve worked on applications using Visual Basic, C#, C++, and We are also familiar with many of the Microsoft tools including the SSRS suite and the Azure Cloud. Our experience with .NET platform application includes work with Dyanmics CRM, Umbraco CMS, Orchard CMS, DotNetNuke, and many custom .net products.

CRM Systems

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are becoming an increasingly important part of any marketing technology strategy, large or small. Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho, SAP, Oracle, and the many, many others that exist today all provide options for integrating customer data into the digital experience and improving digital ROI. Well integrated CRM systems integrate activity and actions on your website and in your social properties to create customer profiles. These customer profiles enable better drive web personalization, one to one marketing, and consumer analytics. With a strong CRM strategy you’re able to deep dive into the segments, profiles and behaviors of your customers and drive better conversions and effectiveness across your digital stack.