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Key Features: Install as a single <100KB PHP file Seriously, trueDAT4.php is all you need. Images, CSS, and JavaScript can all be pulled from somewhere else: either the public stash hosted here at, or at a URL of your own. Configure in under a minute Database connection parameters and how you would like to trueDAT to authenticate users are pretty much it. trueDAT will even detect connection parameters from config files of popular software like WordPress and Drupal if you tell it to. The install process generates a file called trueDAT4Config.php, making the total install footprint just 2 files. Authenticate your way The sort of database access afforded by trueDAT is of course super sensitive, so security is key. Set a username/password combo, make access conditional on the value of some session variable (great for integrating with the authentication scheme of a host application), or have trueDAT reach out to some other system (via HTTP POST) for authentication based on provided credentials. Common and useful queries just a click away. Pick a table from the drop down, and hit a button like "Schema", "All" or "Top". Click to edit record fields When trueDAT detects your rows have a primary key in the first column, Edit mode become available. In Edit mode you can click on a cell and edit the field directly in a pop up window. Bits can be flipped with a single click. Click to delete records While in edit mode, clicking on the primary key value enables you to delete the record. Click to add records Click "Add New" and a new row of inputs appears: type in values and hit "Add Record". Sure beats typing an INSERT statement. Click to sort by any column trueDAT will detect numbers, booleans, and dates and interpret them accordingly for sorting purposes. All done in-browser, no need to hit the server again. Persistently hide columns that just aren`t important SELECT * is a great shortcut, but sometimes it makes for really wide, hard-to-review tables. Get the best of both worlds by telling trueDAT which columns you want to suppress display of. Inline Suggest as You Type As you type, trueDAT will inline-suggest matching table and column names which are in the database. Remembering between first_name and firstName just got less important. The related config setting allows you to tone it down if you prefer (e.g. table names only, or disable altogether). Export data as CSV Any SQL query that returns records can be output as a CSV file and downloaded for use elsewhere. Great for passing off data requested by less tech-savvy folks. Cheat Sheet Queries Can`t be bothered to remember the exact syntax for certain operations? Neither can I. Load up an example query from the cheat sheet and be on your way. SQL beautification With the click of a button, make your SQL pretty. Great for pasting in queries from elsewhere to make them more legible. Save favorite queries for use later Large, elaborate queries often serve as handy reports or useful operations, both useful again and again. Craft `em once, and save `em for later. Find literal values in any table/column Super useful when trying to navigate an unfamiliar database. Will also generate find-and-replace queries. CSV-based generated queries Generate and execute queries parameterized by CSV input data, one query per row. Transfer data in and out with just a few clicks Sidestep the need for shell access with a quick-and-dirty way of porting data from one database to another of matching table structure.

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