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TMPGEnc Authoring Works 4

Whether you’re young or old, beginner or professional, TMPGEnc Authoring Works 4 is the easy way to author your own DVDs, Blu-ray Discs, and DivX® ULTRA video. Import most video formats, edit out commercials or unwanted scenes, add spectacular transition effects, make your own subtitles, create professional-looking menus, and much, m

Input MPEG-1/2, AVI, WMV, QuickTime, DivX, MPEG-4/H.264, AVCHD, DV/HDV, WTV, DVD-VR, DVR-MS video files and author to DVD-Video, Blu-ray (BDMV), and DivX Ultra formats.

Camcorder AVCHD/HDV/DV video input support.

Creates high quality DivX video.

Edit out unwanted scenes or commercials.

Create interactive menus from templates or make your own custom menus.

Add or edit subtitles.

Make your own slideshow DVDs and Blu-ray Discs in standard or high definition.

Apply audio filters such as gap correction, noise reduction, and fade-in/out.

5.1 Dolby Digital Surround sound input/output.

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History updates (Complete changelogs since the listing on this site) [07-09-12]

Fixed An error would occur when you open the cut-edit screen and you have NVIDIA graphic driver version 301.24 or 301.42 installed on your system. Fixed In the menu stage's link editor, the invalid cursor link warning (yellow shaded menu items) would not be displayed. Fixed In the menu editor, when changing the position of a menu item using top and left coodinates, the position would not update when you tried to change the position of the next item. Fixed Other minor fixes.

Other versions :

v4.1.2.49 [11-09-11]

Improved Media writing tool's writing driver has been updated.
Click here for the updated list of supported drives. Fixed When burning into DVD+R/DVD-R DL media, the layer break point would not be inserted at an appropriate point. Fixed Occasionally could not burn DVD-Video correctly onto a dual-layer DVD Disc. Fixed Used an alternative field more than necessary when writing to BD-R/BD-R DL media with the writing tool. Fixed The playing compatibility has been increased when burning into BD-R/BD-RE DL media. Fixed Even though the media is blank and it had been ready to burn, it occasionally would not be identified as blank by the writing tool.

v4.1.0.47 [04-03-11]

Updated Media writing tool's writing driver.
(It is no longer possible to output an ISO image larger than the capacity of a dual-layer Blu-ray [BDMV] disc [45 GB].)
Click here for a list of supported drives. Fixed AVI file reader updated. This update corrects an issue where AVI files having a partially invalid header could not be opened. Fixed Memory usage would dramatically increase when a subtitle stream was added to a BDMV track. Fixed In the Global menu settings/Effects, a menu's Pop-up menu would not be recognized as buttons. Fixed Authoring in 16:9 with 4:3 MPEG-1 video materials would prevent correct Smart Rendering. Fixed The "Open with the DivX player" button would not function with the DivX Plus Player. Fixed The AVI file reader no longer uses some of the ACM codecs that would cause a buffer overrun. Fixed The VFAPI file reader could not correctly retrieve the audio and/or video when several instances were used. Fixed Even with an audio gap corrected source, an audio gap would occur when the source was imported through the DirectShow file reader. Fixed Audio would not be imported when importing some peculiar TS files. Fixed Some peculiar MPEG files would have their bitrate determinated at 0 b/s. Fixed When importing a 4 channel Dolby Digital source, some channels would be muted. Fixed The "X" or "Cancel" buttons would not function properly in the Simulation stage while rendering a motion menu. Fixed Other minor fixes.

v4.0.12.42 [09-28-10]

Fixed MP4/AVCHD file reader updated. This update corrects an issue where some video data would not be decoded unless played frame by frame. Fixed AVI file reader updated. This update corrects an issue where AVI files having a partially invalid header could not be opened. Fixed MPEG-1/2 file reader updated. This update corrects the issues listed below.

  • Improved the MPEG-1/2 file importation when the VBV buffer size value is smaller than what is expected from the file characteristics, but is still within the limits.
  • Only the audio stream from some TS files would be loaded in spite of having a compatible video stream.
Fixed DVD file reader updated; abnormal DVD-Video may now be imported partialy instead of being completely rejected. Fixed 44.1 kHz Dolby Digital audio file would not be correctly decoded. Fixed Multiple WTV files imported through the Source Wizard would not open correctly. Fixed Could not move a clip from a track to another when the original track contained 99 clips. Fixed In the Slideshow editor, applying a slideshow general transition setting other than "None" would also change the slide's local transition setting when such setting was "None". Fixed In the Slideshow editor, changing a slide's local transition setting would raise an internal error preventing the correct setting to take place. Fixed Other minor fixes.

v4.0.11.39 [08-18-10]

Fixed DivX file reader and encoder updated. Fixed AVCHD file reader updated. Some data would cause the continuous display of the same picture. Fixed DVD-Video with a VOB containing a lot of useless data would not be correctly imported. Fixed Conversion to PS of some WTV files would suddently come to a stop. Fixed MPEG file reader updated, allowing the correction of the issues listed below.

  • TS files containing abnormal packets would be processed as normal packets, causing an error during the importation;
  • Some TS files would be mistakenly recognized as a PS file;
  • Linear PCM at 192 kHz would not be correctly processed.
Fixed Other minor fixes.

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